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Because sometimes we all dream in anime...

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Name:Anime Vision
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Community description:A place where fans can openly discuss anime and anime-related issues.
We want to make sure this community is one that people enjoy visiting, and in order to do that, we think that maybe a few rules are in order.

1. Be respectful of others--we're not all going to agree, and that's okay.

2. Place large or multiple images behind a cut, and give a warning if it contains adult content.

3. Give a warning when posting a spoiler and place it behind a cut. Not all of us have seen the exact same anime--don't ruin it for someone else.

4. Do not post stuff that you are trying to sell. There are other sites that exist for that, please go use them.

We may add/change rules at a later date as needed, but these are the basics, and we're hoping that we don't need any more than that.

This comm was created because Jester and I are friends in RL and spend a lot of time talking about anime. When we both joined DW, we thought we'd move our discussions online, and so Anime Vision (AV) was born. Jester and I are both in our early 30's, like a broad range of anime, are quite opinionated, and don't always agree. We tend to think that we're pretty cool people, but then, they say everyone is great in their own mind...

I'm not sure how that last part is going to help you decide to join our comm, but...

Come on in, and hopefully you'll enjoy it enough to stay for awhile.

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