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Believe it or not, we haven't forgotten about this comm.  RL has decided to interfere in major ways as[personal profile] jester has had some health issues and my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Now that things have calmed down for us both (at least for the time being), we hope to get back in to the swing of things.  So keep an eye out as we randomly discuss whatever pops into our heads.

And yes, I will go back and reply to the comments that were left unanswered a couple of months ago-just because I don't like things being left unfinished.  :) 

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 Ok... so me and Cypher are here chillin watchin the first season of Full Metal Panic.  i think we just completed the 3rd DVD?

First i must if you have watched this and MISSED the copywrite disclaimer... they are funny as HELL... but so far, #3 is by far the best yet.  

Anyhow... the main character (one of)... wow.... this dude is CLUELESS!!! and it makes it even better because of the situations and circumstances he is faced with.  

Im not one to give ANYTHING away... but im thinking i could be the only one who HASNT seen this anime.  What a loser huh LMAO! 

Time for Mission 4!

oh yeah... and whats up with the psuedo A-Team theme songs lol
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Hey everyone...

Just thought that i would drop a line and say hey...

SO! what is everyone/anyone watching??? I think when i get back to OKC me and Cypher are gonna tackle some serious anime watching lol.  We checked out the live action movies for Death Note I and II. 

I must say... holy CRAP!  there is a major difference between the anime and the live action.  Granted i havent read the Manga... but i was quite shocked to see how it all turned out and all of the differences between the anime and the LA. 

I know that it has already been brought up... but has anyone else checked it out???

Come on people!!! wake up!!! lets get it goin!!!

Woo HOOOO!!!
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Death Note.  You see, [personal profile] jester *finally* finished watching it not too long ago, and while on the phone one night, we discovered that we didn't agree with each other on some points.  And since we never finished talking about it, I figured that I'd throw it out here.  So feel free to join in if you like.

Warning--this gets lengthy:  expect some spoilers and a rant.  :)

You've been warned... )
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I was just briefly looking at the comm and noticed a couple more names added to the list! XD WOO HOO!!!!

Feel free to say hey, post what ya watching, thinking about watching, refuse to watch, just recently bought (i think i sold my soul to www.rightstuf.com today) or whatever!

Anyhow its good to see you all!!!!


psst... dont tell Cypher

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Well, I have to say that I'm sad that yet another anime company is gone.  Central Park Media declared bankruptcy this week.  Now granted they haven't released *anything* in years, but they've been around since *before* Funimation.  And while some of their catalog was not that great, they did have a few titles that I either already own or would like to aquire (check their list here).

I've put a cut here becaus this gets a little lengthy...

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And by nuts i mean Anime Nuts XD

So yes... welcome to Anime Vision... What my co-hort had to say is absolutely correct. For quite some time we have discussed the deep dark meenings behind Ergo Proxy... the adolescent Batman w/ boob fetish'd Desert Punk... the shitty re-dub of Akira (in my opinion) when they put it to DVD (long live the original VHS RELEASE!!!!) and even (though i havent seen it) the cross dressing cinderella reenactment from Cardcaptor Sakura (i think thats the one). 

To be honest... she actually has to stay on my case to make sure im keeping up with my viewing... lol i slack at times.

Anyways... id say the last 5 years (of the 8) has been a non-stop anime ride.  Its good because we have very similar tastes in anime so she has a bunch she recommends which in turns causes me to procrastinate longer because there is JUST SO DAMN MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!!!!

whew... that being said.... anyone reading this... with a desire or interest in anime... by all means JOIN UP!!!!

FYI - A-Kon in Dallas Texas!!!! yes... we both will be attending!  And hopefully some pics, 'news' (though we are not a credible news source but just as opinionated lol) and god knows what else we will post.

Again... we are new... we are NOT one of those 'Post what garbage you have for sale' pages.  Just good, clean random, off the wall, twisted, anime goodness lol.  Well (in reference to the before mentioned Desert Punk) maybe not so clean.

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Welcome to Anime Vision (AV): a community where everyone can come together to discuss anime and anime-related issues (umm, because that's what it says in our comm description:)  Hopefully this will become a great place for fans to come together to share their thoughts and exchange ideas.

Since [info]jester and I just created this comm today, please give us a little while to get things updated and in order, but please feel free to post and introduce yourself.

And since I'm the first poster, here I go: 

I'm a 30 year old stay at home mom, so I'm probably a bit older than the average anime fan...but I don't think that matters a whole lot!  I've been watching anime for several years and I have what I like to think is a fairly broad taste--which means that I'll watch just about anything.  I also like to finish a series once I start it because I like to have stuff completed and find out what actually happens at the end (even if it doesn't really end). 

I currently own over 700 legally purchased dvds and about a TB full of fansubs.  Please note that that was a dvd count and not a series/title count.  The series/title number is somewhere around 230 or so for the legally purchased stuff, and I really don't have a clue what's all on my hard drive.  I'm going to get around to doing an accurate inventory one of these days.  And no, before you ask, I haven't been able to watch all of it, but I'm working on it!  

I've known [personal profile] jester in real life for about 8 years now, and we've always wanted to have a place where we could go to have great discussions about anime; so when we both got accounts at DW, we thought we'd go ahead and make a place to do just that.  So feel free to join us!  Because we would love to not be the only two having an in depth discussion about the themes in Ergo Proxy, and why everyone should watch Saint Seiya at least once (I laughed so hard that I cried!)

So welcome to Anime Vision...because we all dream in anime every once in a while...


...and because it's a special occasion, I'll even pull out the FLCL icon :)                 


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