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Death Note.  You see, [personal profile] jester *finally* finished watching it not too long ago, and while on the phone one night, we discovered that we didn't agree with each other on some points.  And since we never finished talking about it, I figured that I'd throw it out here.  So feel free to join in if you like.

Warning--this gets lengthy:  expect some spoilers and a rant.  :)

First off, I'm completely amused by the many reactions that DN has spawned since it came out.  I say that because it seems to me like there was some violent, infectious disease that spread through most of the people who watched it (that, or I'm frequenting the wrong forums...).  People seem to either love it or hate it and then feel the need to voice their opinions as to why they feel that way at the top of their ALL CAPS, while stating that the opposing side is wrong and somehow in need of mental help.  The closest I can come in comparison is the "Great Eva Debate"...which I can't participate in, because I haven't seen it.   But apparently if you've seen it you either love it because it's 'teh gr8tst eva' or you hate it (insert myriad of reasons here).  I don't know if DN is on quite that scale, but from the sometimes violent reactions that I've read and heard, it seems to be.  

Just a warning to those reading this:  according to some people, I have low moral values and am contributing to the lowering standard of what is (or rather should be) socially acceptable, and am therefore part of the reason why society is on it's down-ward slide.  Well, now you've been warned.  Converse with me at your own risk, because I just might corrupt you too--who knows...because I really liked DN.

Yes, it's very melodramatic, but overall it's a good/fun watch in my opinion.  I loved the animation and the character design.  I didn't like the op & ed music, though I think it fit the series.   I liked that Light wasn't likable!  What do you expect when you give a brilliant teenager with a god complex a DN?  I was sad when L died, I didn't like Near as much as I liked L, I wish that Mello had been around longer and gotten more screen time, and I was happy with the ending.  Bad guy dies and becomes nothing, good overcomes and all is well with the world again.  How's that for a minimalist review?  :)  Was this the pinnacle of achievement for anime as a whole?  No-definitely not, but it was good entertainment.  It falls into my 'it was good and I'll watch it again' category.

Does it have plot holes?  Yes.  Could some of the characters been developed more?  Yes.  Could they have done 'something different' and it would have been great instead of good?  Again, yes.  But isn't that what we say about almost every series?  There are very few series that come to mind that are perfect or even come close.  Sometimes I think that people go into a show just expecting too much.  I expected to be entertained, and I was.  Mission accomplished.          

I also keep wanting to point out to the people who were offended by DN, that this is a story-it's there for entertainment purposes.  There are other anime out there whose content I think would be far worse than this one as far as being morally repulsive and socially unacceptable.  Besides, you can't tell me that this storyline is *that* far off base.  History is full of people who had power and then used that power for their own purpose.  You have got to be kidding to think that if an actual Death Note dropped from the sky, and someone found it, that it wouldn't turn out something like this.  But apparently if I watch DN, like it, and am not bothered by it's content, I am heading down the path of the devil and dragging society with me.  My travel down this pathway is also being facilitated by my recent purchase of Shigurui, of course.  *shakes head* 

Please note, that if you disagree with me, I'm completely cool with that.  I understand that there are people out there that don't like this show, and as I stated in our comm rules: we won't always agree, and that's okay.  But there is one thing I have to ask the people who were repulsed by DN:  if you find the subject matter in DN so repulsive, why did you watch it in the first place?  Or,better yet, why did you watch the entire series?  Because if you find a show that disturbs you as much as some said DN did, wouldn't you turn it off after the first few episodes?  I know I would have.

Now one of the parts that Jester disagreed with me on was the ending.  I'm going to assume that since you, the reader, have come this far, you've seen the series and know what the ending was.  The ending didn't bother me at all.  I thought it was fairly fitting, and didn't Ryuk state in the beginning of the series that those that use the DN would have their name written in the Shinigami's DN?  So we already know what's going to happen to Light.  So the ending shouldn't be too much of a surprise-or was it just that he would become nothing that bothered you?  I've heard some suggestions that L should have been kept throughout the series to catch Light, and also that becoming nothing doesn't seem to be much of a punishment (though I look at it as one since he can't be reborn-it's essentially the end of his life in all of it's forms/incarnations).  Or was it simply that it ended how it was supposed to and you wanted the surprise of him getting away/outsmarting them somehow?  Hmm...enquiring minds want to know!  

And what does everyone else here think of DN?  Love it, like it, or hate it and why?  Also, what would you change about it if you could?  And if anyone has read the manga, how close was the anime to it?   

So speak everyone--and we will listen!  *pokes the new people*  We don't bite much...or very hard...or in places that people will see...

...at least not often anyway.  :)

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ps-sorry if this is a little all over the place, it's hard to keep on track while my kids are up :)
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