September 19th, 2017
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"Oh, I know just the menu to use for this... I can have them order..." *digs out fancy restaurant menu, starts perusing*

Ten minutes later...

"WAAAAIIIIT! This is supposed to be a short smutfic with minimal lead-up."


*scribbles notes for longer epic foodporn fic to write later*


September 18th, 2017
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Well, I need to go back to it at some point and rework it into a list for this week, but I'm pretty confident in saying I didn't get most of my weekend to-do taken care of. ^^;; I did get a lot done in the bookroom, which was definitely one of the most important things. However, a lot of it involved unpacking and sorting books and now my bedroom is a disaster of bookpiles (whoops?). I ended up moving a couple of bookcases and the desk twice, because I had ~~different ideas, and then I had one more but ended up not doing it, because instead of trying to incorporate the cedar chest that's been floating around, I should see about parting with it. I don't use it, stuff gets piled on it, and like many pieces of furniture that came over here, it's not actually in very good shape. Well... I don't have to decide on anything today.

Basically, I have to keep reminding myself that not only can I be flexible, it's okay if I am. So if this layout isn't working in a few weeks, I can try something new.

Just unpacking and sorting, I've pulled out three books to go already. Well, for one, I read one chapter and immediately deposited it in the 'take to pagan shop' basket. Not my cuppa. I suspect this will happen more and more as I keep going, especially with reference books that are interesting but not the sorts of things I'll ever need to reference that often, or that seem impressively redundant (like the dozens of gardening books).

Other than that, words! I'm sort of trying for the impossible, lol. Wish me luck! (And words!)
September 17th, 2017
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I have finally put my old Blake/Avon fic "Mnemonics" on Ao3. It is an AU (i.e. the last episode was different) future fic and has the distinction of being my only B/A slash fic.
September 9th, 2017
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Some choice quotes from a very long thread on FFA:

"Yes, which is why we had a multi-year fight to get original work allowed on AO3 even though not allowing it was causing problems and alienating chunks of fandom. At the same time, people who didn't know it was banned were busily posting it because it never occurred to them that AO3 would have such a weird rule. (And nobody reported them most of the time because it's not like it was clogging up specific fandom tags.)

Basically, while there are some fandoms where "original het"-as-fanwork is a thing, the best way to understand why original works = fanworks in many parts of fandom is to look at how hard it was to publish tropey m/m romance novels before ebooks became widespread. (Outside of Japan anyway...) There used to be this whole thriving subculture of slash and yaoi writers moving on to original writing but staying in fandom. Nowadays, a lot of people just go publish on Amazon and make a few bucks, but it wasn't like that a decade ago.

Yes, kicked off original work ages ago, but including "original slash" was the norm on many older multifandom slash archives and mailing lists (and, way back, zines), which means that those old archives AO3 likes to rescue often had problems being imported.
Boys in Chains was a particular sticking point: the maintainer wasn't willing to put it on AO3 unless all of her writers were welcome. Meanwhile, this major piece of fannish history remained offline.

The only reason original work wasn't allowed in the first place is that the pro-original work contingent were coming from non-English-speaking fandom and anime fandom, while the anti-original work contingent was from ye olde US TV show megafandoms and was much better represented among OTW staff.

You'll notice that people who think it's a fanwork don't actually call it "original works" except when they're quoting the AO3 canonical. They call it "original fic", "origfic", "original slash", and other terms that make it clear that it is its own distinct thing, separate from both fanfic and non-fannish original writing. And, yes, it does operate very much like people writing fairy tale fic or anthropomorfic or fanfic of songs for Yuletide."


"The TOS does say that it only hosts fanworks:
"Because our long-term plans include hosting fanworks of all kinds, not just fan fiction, we concluded that it was better to draw a line between fanworks and non-fanworks and only host the former, in order to avoid becoming a general repository for all sorts of creative works."

However, it also says (beginning with "however"):
"However, there are a number of varieties of works produced by fans that do not fit comfortably into a narrow definition of fanfiction, fanart, vids, or other types of fanworks. Some of these do fall within our mission. In particular, original fiction that is part of an Open Doors project is allowed, as are types of original fiction and quasi-original fiction produced within a fandom context. Examples include such things as anthropomorfic, original fiction that is produced as part of a fandom challenge, exchange, or charity event, and genres such as Original Slash, Original BL, and Regency romances produced in Jane Austen fandom."

Which means that you can post original fiction to AO3. It is defined in this case as a fanwork not because it is fanfiction of original work, but because it is original work by fan written in a fannish context.

By definition, then, it is still a canon. And it is like fictionpress and before they split fictionpress off, not as the arrangement is now."


"I was in the orig slash/orig BL scene back in the day, and it's difficult for me to explain but it was definitely a fannish genre and a fannish community. A lot of things are different these days -- for one thing, writers are more likely to think of original m/m as something widely/easily publishable, which somewhat changes the conversation and community expectations.

I like that AO3 respects the fuzzy context lines in this situation, and would hate to see fannish-context origfic banned."



It was banned at the start.

We had to explain for years to get it allowed, and it was only by threatening precious ~anthropomorfic~ that the BNFs finally caved and listened to someone from a different part of fandom than themselves."
September 7th, 2017
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It is time to give up on my beanbag, which made it two years and has now split multiple seams and is leaking beans all over. I guess that was a good run, but in the future I'll have to be more careful about flat-out flopping on whatever I get to replace it (hopefully the local store still has some in stock - hey had some nice ones a couple weeks ago). I should try to save the beans still in it, for refilling the next one, though I'm not entirely sure of the best way to do that... every scenario is a disaster, in my head

Today was a lot of reading and, quite thankfully, a lot of sleeping. I finally, belatedly, got to the new Robotech comic, which was, by necessity of the plot, a lot of set-up and character positioning. I'm looking forward to the next issue. ^_^

I also finally read the third volume of The Seven Princes of the Thousand-Year Labyrinth, which was... very wtf and enjoyable. I still adore our cast and the next volume can come out ASAP. (I guess that's a bonus to getting to it a little late? Not as long to wait...)

And! After many months of just not being in the right mindset to tackle a heart-breaking and gorgeous chunk of sci-fi, I finally finished Triskelion. And it was good. I mean, I've spent days sobbing over the darned thing, but that's a feature, not a bug. But yes! How do I describe this? It is id-soup! *laughs* Space battles, mecha galore, an awesome cast of all sorts of folks... *rolls around*

Plans for the weekend = trip to Hobby Store for Gunpla and paint and whatnot + sushi dinner. Mmm~ Other than that, gunpla, maybe I'll try to finish up Baccano! and a lot of house-cleaning. I should take pictures of what I've been doing in the bookroom so it's not just vaaaguespace babbling.

So much to do...
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I am officially in love with Kyugo’s BL manga series, Acid Town, and want to spread the love to others. Many thanks to [ profile] imperfekti for putting me onto this wonderful series. She likened it to Mirage of Blaze (novels) in having an intricate, interesting plot with a great ensemble of characters, and that’s all quite correct.

General Review and Rec:
spoilers only for the chapter 1 setup

The story, which is currently ongoing, is set in a near future dystopia run by yakuza and opens with the tough life of a teen boy, Yuki, who has to pay the hospital bills of his chronically ill and adorable little brother, Jun. Yuki and his friend, Tetsu, get a break—or do they?—when a yakuza boss, Hyoudou, agrees to pay Jun’s bills in exchange for Yuki visiting him once a week.

Acid Town is definitely boys love, but it breaks a lot of conventions. The reader has to wait for the romance, and when it shows up, it’s not necessarily where or how you might expect it. Like many a BL manga, it is rife with sexual abuse. But it also devotes a great deal of attention to relationships that are not sexual, producing a strong sense of multiple ties that bind people simultaneously to family, friends, lovers, colleagues, mentors, etc. It is a tightly plotted, intricately crafted story that builds its relationships (sexual or platonic) out of a lot of typical angsty tropes but also out of a great deal of psychologically astute character development. Read more... )
September 6th, 2017
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When I got to work Monday night, I finally realized why I was so lethargic all weekend - I'm sick! It's still a lingering blegh at the back of my mouth, and I've been sniffly, but I suspect full misery incoming. Went to welding class today and finished far earlier than expected. This gave me time to run a couple of tomorrow's tentative errands and pick up a bottle of NyQuil for tomorrow. Since I was already at the mall for other things, I popped into FYE on the odd chance they might have the SEED DVD I need to replace. No luck, but at least I tried? Will have to get on that once I get paid. I also realized that I need to put on SEED again, at least in the background, and take decent notes of what's in each episode. There were definitely some things I'd like to reference again and finding them... so it'd be less comprehensive and more "Ep X. Discussion of this, long shot of this scenery, conversation on this, full views of that..." for my own reference, since surprisingly the Gundam wiki doesn't have the most detailed summaries.

I cleared off the "FMA shelf" and have space left, though it's probably about right for finishing off the manga, picking up the novels that came out in English, and someday snagging Brotherhood (which seems to be out of print right now?), etc.

I also poked on the other side of the room at the first Gundam shelf, which is pretty much all UC Gundam. There are some spaces for things I have that have wandered, and I'm thinking I should really start filling in all of the recent releases that I need. Start chronologically, I suppose, with The Origin and MS IGLOO, even though I know IGLOO will be relatively terrible (or, at least, badly dated). For chunks of UC, I have old bootlegs from a decade+ ago when it looked like we'd never, ever get re-releases of older material or even chunks of UC in general. I think I have a collection of 0083 bootlegs, actually~ some of them have nice art, etc. I normally don't keep bootlegs once a series becomes available domestically, but these have been part of my Gundam collection for so long that I think they need to stay. (I do keep my Kiddy Grade set, though, too, because 9 episodes on a disc is so much nicer than 3 episodes on a disc when I just want to flop and watch it.)

Basically, I really need to use this organizing project to make good notes on where I have holes and start filling them. *nods* And be sure to talk about all the things, too~


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