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Actually, with Biblos going under, other companies like DMP did re-negotiate all the rights to their series - kept Hero Heel 2 from coming out for, um, about a year and a half, if not longer. Quite a few series were either heavily delayed or dropped entirely for a US release because of it.

http://www.b-boy.jp/info17.html - Libre's post on the subject.

I like FUNI's release-season-in-two-sets thing they're doing. Honestly, I've never been able to afford the $30 for three episodes that a lot of companies were doing. But I'm also the sort that's happy with subs-only and no-frills packaging. I like owning stuff on DVD even though I watch a lot online. Heck, watching something first is almost a pre-requisite if I'm going to be spending that kind of money...
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Ah, I didn't realize that CPM needed to re-negotiate the contract. I actually don't read a lot of manga, though I am starting to, a little bit anyway. :)

I really like how Funi is releasing things now as well. It's much more economical for both them and the consumer. I don't mind things only being subtitled (it's about time someone else did this other than Anime Works) and I don't really need the fancy packaging either-though I'll admit that I don't think the new packaging is going to hold up as well over time as the old does.

(I will say that whoever came up with the idea for the Trinity Blood box deserves a promotion. I used to laugh at what was once called a 'collector's box'...then that was released and I found it truly was one...but I digress...)

I was more referring to Funi's timeliness in their releases. They were so focused on getting their newly acquired stuff out that they were very late in releasing some of their own titles, and when they released them, the complete set would be released quite closely after the final volume.

I know it was that way with Peach Girl--vol 6 came out in Nov and 4 months later the complete set was available at discount. It kind of irritated some people because they spent all that time and money collecting when they could have waited just a little longer and gotten it all at the same time and cheaper. I know that wasn't the only series that happened to, but it's the only one that I can think of at the moment.

My only complaint with Funi is that I was in the middle of a couple of ADV series, and when Funi acquired them they released the series in two parts, and didn't continue the single dvd releases. It just throws my set off. It would have been nice for them to either finish the individual releases or offer a trade in option (ie. I could send in my set-or maybe just the box-and get the other half of the packaging that would match).
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Have you seen the Code Geass LE sets? They're amazing - about $50 for two DVDs, a volume of manga, a soundtrack, drama CD and info booklets. Absolutely fabulous. Bandai is doing a good job with their releases (I think Lucky Star and Gurren Lagann got similar treatment, though I just have the base GL set)... I look forward to S1 of Gundam 00 from them.

I've pretty much gotten to the point of just waiting for thinpaks/collections for series, KKM aside. Because I'd always get behind and then realize the thinpak was cheaper than getting the remaining single volumes... Though I can see where it would be annoying for anyone keeping current.
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I have the first Code Geass LE set, after that I'm just buying the ind. dvd's to fill it-I'm currently short the last two vols. I did the same with Lucky Star as well, bought the first LE set and then the ind. dvds-though I still have four vols I need to finish that series. :)

If a series is long I'll wait for a box set to come out, if it's a 6-7 dvd set, it depends on the box and on how long I'm willing to wait to see the series. I like to have the entire series before I watch it, that way I'm not sitting on the edge of my seat going "I can't wait for vol x to come out in two months!" I did that with Fate/Stay Night. I bought the box and vol 1 about the same time Jester did and then collected the indvid. dvd's after that, but didn't watch past vol 1. Jester on the other hand watched everything as he bought it. I sat back and laughed as he complained that an every-other-month release schedule was a form of torture. :D

I'm actually going to come out and admit that I've never seen anything Gundam and just in fact bought my first Gundam series (Anime Legends Collection version). I remember reading reviews about Gundam 00 though. I think the character designer was the same guy that did the characters for Tactics, which I liked. The series looks good, do you know if it requires prior knowledge of the earlier Gundam series?
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I still need the last Geass LE. I've been enjoying the audio dramas because I think it's so neat that they took the time to translate those into English, too. ^_^ A real treat.

Which Gundam series did you get? (I think a few of them are under the Anime Legends line.)

Gundam 00 is separate from any of the other series, and while there are little throwbacks and such for long-time fans, it's perfectly enjoyable on its own with no previous knowledge. At least the first season is. The second is a little rocky. ^^;
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I picked up the first coll. of G-Gundam (it was on sale at the time).

I still haven't gotten Greenwood yet, but based on your rec, I did manage to pick up the *entire* Utena collection (including the movie!).

RL has been crazy lately, but I am going to start posting to the comm again, and wanted to start by replying to the posts that were left unanswered. But I am sorry that it took me so long to reply!
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OMG! That last post was looong--sorry about that!

I just noticed upthread that you're a Kyo Kara Maoh fan--it's nice to see someone else who loves the series! I'm two dvd's short of completing my set, though I haven't downloaded any of season 3 yet.

I keep wanting to find a clip of the sheep from KKM and make an icon out of it, since DW is all about the sheep. :)
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For KKM, I still need Season 2, Vol 8, I think. I was up on Season 3 til summer break last August and then never caught up again. Part of it was that I really liked the Season 2 ending, I think. Have you seen any of the OVA series? (I think it was 5 parts.)

I'm a Conrad fan. ^_^
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I still need season 2 vols 8-9, and no I haven't seen any of the OVAs. I definitely need to, I have them downloaded though!! Now I just have to watch them.

Where do they take place in the storyline?

edited to add: I love Conrad too!
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The OVAs take place after the second season, but they're alternate to the actual Season 3. So I'd say to watch them before Season 3 but remember that Season 3 actually replaces them. ^^; I think the OVA is 5 episodes - 2 are actually moving the story and the other three are stand-alone and fluff.



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